Hi, it’s Meghan - most people call me Meg! The face & creator here behind “The Ladies Nutritionist”. I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - “FNTP” for short.

My focus is on women’s hormonal health - specifically I help women get to the root cause of their digestion and skin issues. Many of my ladies come to see me to help with the root cause of their ongoing bloating, low energy, fatigue, breakouts, and skin conditions.

We work on glowing & getting healthy from the inside out (:

You deserve to live the life of your wildest dreams. Feeling like your best self ever is a lot closer than you think.

Let’s start transforming your health, confidence, & energy today. 🦋 


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Learn about your health symptoms and get set up on an individualized health protocol for your unique needs & goals.

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Blood Work Review

Take a look at what your blood work can indicate on a functional level and learn about your most optimal health. 

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Book a call to gain more clarity on how I can help you today. 

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